Who am I?

Maja Gonda Art Director / Senior Graphic Designer

A proven executive with extensive 17 years’ experience in social media, creative designs, brand and identity development; has the capacity to identify and align emerging needs with products and services. Manages multiple tasks simultaneously; evaluating results and implementing changes with expertise in engaging decision makers and devising winning strategies and solutions. Can relate well with people at all levels and has the flexibility of working well as part of a team or individually. Works well under pressure and possesses strong graphical skills, creative flair and good color sense as well as good communication skills and attention to detail.

Areas of Expertise

* Project management
* Brand development
* Collateral design
* Leadership/training
* Social media communication

* Web design
* User experience
* SEO/Google Adwords
* Design software
* Microsoft office tools
* Client relations

* Creative decision making
* Attention to detail
* Multi-tasking
* Problem solving
* Time management
* Communication skills


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