Dimarco Ferrao

Dimarco Ferrao Design Inc. was founded in 1989 by Sergio Dimarco and Nirmala Ferrao. Two young energetic designers filled with passion for the vibrant Montreal restaurant and nightlife scene. They combined this enthusiasm with their love of design to establish a firm and produce many of the city’s most memorable and successful restaurants. 25 years later, Dimarco and Ferrao continue to innovate and produce hospitality concepts that merit awards and produce winning concepts for their clients. Today the firm is recognized for its ability to develope progressive cutting-edge design for the hospitality, retail and multi-unit residential industry. Taking the design lead on every project, Dimarco and Ferrao continue to expertly craft each project with the benefit of experience and a seasoned team of talented designers and technical staff.




Dimarco and Ferrao


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