Yoena- Handmade Soap

Yoena makes artisan soaps which are authentically handcrafted and 100% natural a delight to all your senses. Their goal is to create a natural soaps which are eco-friendly and  great for all skin types. They believe that taking care of your skin does not have to be complicated. All their handmade soaps are made from scratch using a cold pressed method which is healthier for the environment and better for you. They utilize high quality butters, herbs, spices and oils which are known for providing therapeutic properties. They are packed with natural glycerin resulting in a super-rich lather and luxurious feeling of suds and bubbles. Their whipped body butters are packed with shea butter and coconut oil providing a softening all over body moisturizer; they contain only 5 ingredients and are considered anhydrous; simply meaning we do not use water.


Yoena Handmade Soap


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